Constance Schroeder Artiste


"My animistic view of the world and my philosophy drives me to perceive beauty in every thing, to use this receptivity, and with heart to share it"

It was from a cry from the body, from a cry from the heart, that my very first painting was born in 2017. An eagle with a piercing gaze that came to probe me in depth. I observed over the canvases that the animals to which I gave birth became the expression of what I lived inside with an appeasement at the key, a resolution.

My name is Constance Schroeder and today I have entirely dedicated my life to what drives me. I work so that my sensitivity opens a path of beauty and emotion. The quest for each canvas to transmit a magic and an embodied presence, a celebration of the enchantment of life, a sensitivity in the service of the Living.

Art and Spirit

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